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Is Really Something Wrong with Microphysicalism? Andreas Hüttemann, “What’s Wrong with Microphysicalism?”

Routledge, London, New York, 2004, 152 pp, Hardcover, €93.90, ISBN 0-415-32794-6
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Book Review

‘Microphysicalism’ is the doctrine that whole objects behave the way they do in virtue of the behaviour of their constituent parts. Among the different varieties of physicalism, microphysicalism is presumably still the predominant version with a long philosophical and scientific heritage. Andreas Hüttemann has written a blissfully short and concise monography in which he critically examines and challenges the validity of this view. The provocative title “What’s Wrong With Microphysicalism?” already indicates that the author has some caveats, however, the focus turns out as remarkably different compared to the usual way of presenting the topic. Let me say from the outset that I very much like Hüttemann’s exposition of the subject matter. And this is not only because of the pleasant brevity of the book (though this is of course a good reason, too). The book is pretty much up to the point and the author’s line of argument is refreshingly straightforward and quite well to comprehend. In...

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