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A Passive Authentication System Based on Optical Variable Nano/Micro-Structures

  • Jasbir N. PatelEmail author
  • Hao Jiang
  • Bozena Kaminska


A new optical authentication and security system using optical variable nano/micro-structures (OVNs) is presented. The proposed design features a passive authentication method using a simple optical system found in common fabrication facilities. The passive authentication is obtained by insertion of an OVN image directly on a processing layer or divided between multiple layers of the fabrication process. Authentic fabrication process is validated when the proper alignment (reconstructed image, for example) at the end of the fabrication is achieved. Simple proof-of-concept devices with the OVN-based authentication system are presented along with the optical images of the resulting authentication patterns.


Passive authentication CMOS 3D IC Optical variable devices Nanostructures 



The authors are thankful to Mitacs, Canadian Microelectronics Corporation (CMC), Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI), Canada Research Chair program and Natural Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) for their financial support to carry out this experimental work at the Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia. We also thank Ms. Haleh Shahbazbegian for her help with silicon-based microfabrication and 4D Labs for the cleanroom facility services.


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