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A Word from the Editor

  • Elizabeth M. DolanEmail author

Congratulations are in order for the Journal of Family and Economic Issues!

I have been asked many questions about the journal. The most common concern the prestige of the journal: How is JFEI ranked? What is JFEI’s impact factor?

The Journal has just been accepted into the Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI); and in the spring of 2019, JFEI will receive its first impact factor.

JFEI’s Springer editor, Jennifer Hadley, and I had completed the paperwork for SSCI a few years ago, but we were told that JFEI was “not ready” for an application. However since JFEI was just accepted for the Emerging Sources Citation Index, we thought it might be time to apply to SSCI once more. When Jennifer began the process again in late fall 2017, she discovered that JFEI had already been accepted by SSCI.

To say that we are excited about this development is truly an understatement. An impact factor is derived from the number of citations a journal receives. Thus, this achievement would not have been possible without all the JFEI authors who have submitted excellent work on topics that are not just timely, but provide critical insights into the economic well-being of families. And kudos also go to the reviewers whose comments turn great manuscripts into exceptional articles. The Associate Editors, current and past, have been instrumental in helping me bring the papers that are published in JFEI to the current level of excellence.

Thank you all. This accomplishment has been a group process!

Elizabeth M. Dolan, Ph.D

Editor in Chief, JFEI

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