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Jean W. Bauer and Elizabeth M. Dolan (eds.): Rural Families and Work: Context and Problems

Springer, New York, 2011
  • Monique Constance-HugginsEmail author
Book Review

Rural low-income families face more barriers to work than their urban counterparts. Yet, welfare reform, a key policy change that impacts the lives of low-income individuals, does not address the unique needs of these rural families. Further, most discussion on how low-income families live and work tend to overlook the experiences of rural families. The fact that they are overlooked may be a source of frustration for rural families. However, it is also enough to fuel scholars to provide a pragmatic and reliable picture of rural families that will provide a guide to better understand their lives and the actions that could be taken to improve their well-being.

Into this gap steps the book Rural Families and Work: Context and Problems.It provides a glaring picture of the struggles that rural low-income families face against the backdrop of the 1996 welfare reform. Edited by Jean W. Bauer and Elizabeth M. Dolan, the book brings together 12 captivating chapters that highlight different...

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