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Lucey, T. A., & Cooter, K. S. (eds), Financial Literacy for Children and Youth

Digital Textbooks, Athens, GA, 2008,, 589 pp ($20 download; $24.95 plus the CD version)
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Book Review

Financial Literacy for Children and Youth is a collection of 27 research articles from a variety of researchers and practitioners. The book is divided into three sections. The first section defines financial literacy for children and youth and why it matters. The editor’s decision to focus on financial literacy rather than knowledge or education accurately portrays how financial literacy is contextualized. The articles contextualize financial literacy by identifying the importance of financial education, how children and youth interpret financial concepts, the influence that our society exerts on these interpretations, and the beliefs and attitudes educators have about economic issues. Readers of these chapters are encouraged to contemplate their interpretation of financial literacy while considering what influences create this meaning along with the impact it has on how and what should be taught.

The second section addresses instructional theory and practice with an overall goal to...

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