With this editorial, we would like to announce a new initiative for the Journal of Computational Neuroscience (JCNS), which will be a new article type called “Perspective”. But first, we would like to express our thanks for your support of the journal as readers, authors, reviewers and editors. JCNS maintains a high quality of published articles and an excellent reputation in computational neuroscience, and this is only possible because of your efforts. We continue to be selective in the articles we accept for publication in the journal, keeping only the most solid studies, and with your continued support, we aim to maintain the same quality.

The initiative is a new article type “Perspective” that will be available beginning in 2021. This article type provides a forum for authors to present new ideas, comment on published material, or re-interpret data. We would like these articles to be brief and timely, and of interest to a wide segment of the JCNS readership. We think that this type of article is missing in the computational neuroscience community, and we would like to offer this option in JCNS.

Two features distinguish Perspectives from Reviews and Opinions. First, unlike Reviews, Perspectives are intended to focus on new ideas, rather than provide a survey. Second, in contrast to Review and Opinion articles, Perspectives do not require prior invitation or approval by the Editors-in-Chief. The open-submission policy underlines our hope that JCNS Perspectives will be a forum for emerging concepts in the field, alongside its traditional core of original research articles and reviews.

We will be updating the Submission Guidelines with the below instructions describing this new article type and we invite you to take advantage of this new format.

If you have any questions about a topic that could fit, or comments about this initiative, please do not hesitate to write us. We would be happy to answer.

All the best,

Alain Destexhe and Jonathan Victor, co-Editors-in-Chief of JCNS.

1 Instructions for perspective papers

Perspectives short peer-reviewed papers aimed at informing the community about new ideas or new interpretations of existing data and/or models. Perspective papers have a limit of 3000 words and 1 figure or table and should not report any new data, but could for example show a re-analysis of existing data or propose a new interpretation of published data. Perspective papers should add a dimension to the research and should not merely comment on or summarize other papers. Perspectives are also the place to publish ideas from a personal viewpoint that are very novel, but not elaborate enough to form a full paper. Perspectives will be typically reviewed by a member of the editorial board who may ask the help of and an additional reviewer if needed, so the publication is expected to be fast.

Perspectives must not exceed a total of 3000 words, including Abstract, references, and possible tables, and must not be divided into sections. The last paragraph should be a concluding statement. Necessary figures may be included.