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Variable gain wideband LNA in 130 nm SiGe HBT technology with stepped impedance micro-strip open circuited stubs for minimum transmission phase variation for WiGig phased array receivers


This paper presents a 130nm SiGe HBT process variable gain low noise amplifier (VGLNA) with low phase variation that can be used in phased array systems. The transmission phase variations in the proposed VGLNA are compensated by optimizing the passive micro-strip components in the current steering control circuit. Phase variation of less than \(3^{\circ }\) with a Gain Control Range (GCR) of 24.1 dB was observed, which is 6 times better than the conventional cascade topology. A 3 dB bandwidth of 16.42 GHz is achieved with a peak gain of 20.4 dB. A Noise Figure (NF) of less than 5.3 dB and IIP3 of − 1 dBm is observed in the frequency range of 57 to 6 4 GHz. Layout of the proposed circuit occupies a chip area of 205 × 200 µm2 making it compatible for phased array wireless network systems.

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