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Random phonon model of dissipative electron transport in nanowire MOSFETs



A method for quantum transport simulations of nanowire (NW) field-effect transistors (FETs) with inelastic electron–phonon scattering processes incorporated is presented in this paper. The microscopic device Hamiltonian with realistic phonon spectrum and electron–phonon interaction is transformed into an equivalent low-dimensional transport model with discrete random phonon modes. The electron–phonon coupling constants are optimized in order to reproduce the inelastic scattering effects. Small size of the model and special form of the inelastic self-energy terms in the NEGF formalism make it a powerful tool to study dissipative transport in realistic NW transistors. The utility of the method is demonstrated by computing inelastic transport characteristics in Si NW FETs.


Quantum transport NEGF Electron–phonon interaction Nanowire MOSFET 



This work was supported by Priority Issue (Creation of new functional devices and high-performance materials to support next-generation industries) to be tackled by using Post ‘K’ Computer, MEXT, Japan.


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