Analysis of nano-scale MOSFET including uniaxial and biaxial strain


In this paper, we focus on uniaxial and biaxial strain technologies, and we also investigate an optimum combination of strain method and channel direction. We linked the first principles band calculation program to the FUJITSU ensemble full band Monte Carlo simulator FALCON directly, which enables to incorporate arbitrary Si band structures such as uniaxial and biaxial strained-Si into device characteristics analysis. We show that the combination of biaxial tensile strain and <100> current for NMOS, and compressive uniaxial strain and <110> channel for PMOS are optimum methods for current enhancement. However, considering technological difficulties and process cost, it is one of the candidate methods to use the combination of uniaxial tensile strain and <100> channel direction for NMOS and that of uniaxial compressive strain and <110> channel direction for PMOS.

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Tanabe, R., Yamasaki, T., Ashizawa, Y. et al. Analysis of nano-scale MOSFET including uniaxial and biaxial strain. J Comput Electron 6, 49–53 (2007).

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  • Monte Carlo
  • Pseudo-potential
  • Strain
  • Si
  • Uniaxial
  • Biaxial
  • Ballistic transport
  • Scaling