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Alan Peacock and Ilde Rizzo: The heritage game

Oxford University Press, USA, 2008, ISBN: 9780199213177
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Book Review

The Heritage Game has an ambitious aim: to persuade those engaged in heritage management that economists have a valuable contribution to make and that they should be allowed to join the table where decisions are made—not as occasional “hired guns” consulting on specific matters, but as routine and continuous contributors to the discussion. As such, the book explains and illuminates some of the fundamental ideas in economics (consumer sovereignty, moral hazard, incentives, opportunity cost) as applied to the “heritage biz”. It is written in a light-hearted style that fulfils the authors’ intention of “making economics palatable and even enjoyable … offering both instruction and entertainment” (p. 10). Even economists familiar with the field will thus find it a pleasurable read, filled as it is with humorous anecdotes and examples drawn from the authors’ personal experiences as contributors to heritage management and policy.

The book is structured in such a way that it is accessible to...

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