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Tania Voon, Cultural Products and the World Trade Organization

Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, 2007, ISBN 978-0-521-87327-7
  • J. P. SinghEmail author
Book Review

There is something different about culture. We all know and accept that cultural goods and services are different from others, with varying degrees of concurrence on the scope of this difference and its consequences. Perhaps the fiercest debates in the past two decades have been regarding the implications of this difference for international trade. Does the “different” nature of cultural goods and services commend them for trade protectionism? If so, what form should that action take? How will we get there? It is in the spirit of questions like these that Tania Voon’s thoughtful and practical book begins, with what Joel Trachtman has called the ‘trade and…’ class of problems balancing liberalization with other goals.

Tania Voon begins by reviewing and accepting the case that cultural goods and services are important for cultural identity and other social values and then turns to international measures that have been enacted to protect these cultural values. She finds the existing set...


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