Ovarian stimulation for fertility preservation or family building in a cohort of transgender men



The purpose of this study was to compare ovarian stimulation and pregnancy outcomes between transgender men (1) with and without a history of testosterone use (HRT) and (2) to cisgender women.


Retrospective chart review between January 1st 2015 and March 1st, 2019 of transgender men and cisgender women seeking ovarian stimulation (OS) matched by BMI and age. Outcomes were compared using Fisher’s exact or Wilcoxon’s rank sum tests.


Thirteen transgender men presented for OS, 7 who used HRT. When comparing transgender men with and without a history of HRT, there were no differences in the baseline follicle count, cycle length, or FSH and hmG used (p = 0.193, 0.306, 0.200, and 0.197, respectively). Transgender men who used HRT had lower peak estradiol and oocytes retrieved compared to transgender men with no HRT use; peak estradiol levels of 1175 pg/mL IQR [559.5–2684]) vs 2713.5 pg/mL IQR [2335–3105]; oocytes retrieved 12 IQR [4–26]) vs. 25.5 [18–28] (p = 0.046. and 0.038, respectively). There were no differences in the estradiol level per oocyte, meiosis II oocyte yield, or maturity rate (MII/oocytes) between the two groups (p = 1.000, 0.148, and 0.147, respectively). Peak estradiol levels were lower among transgender men compared to cisgender women (p = 0.016), but the remaining cycle characteristics were similar between the two groups. Three successful pregnancies were conceived using the oocytes of transgender men who used HRT.


HRT use may not negatively impact ovarian stimulation outcomes. Clinical pregnancies are possible from the oocytes of transgender men with a history of HRT.

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