Low endometrial volume may predict early pregnancy loss in women undergoing in vitro fertilization


Purpose: To evaluate the role of 3-D US measurement of the endometrium during early IVF-pregnancy and before the appearance of gestational sac in the prediction of pregnancies outcome.

Methods: 60 pregnant women following IVF treatment were included in the study. The women underwent transvaginal 3D US measurements of endometrial volume and thickness on day 15–17 post ET. Patients were followed and classified according to pregnancy outcome into 2 further groups. The group with early pregnancy loss and the group with ongoing pregnancy.

Results: While no differences were observed between those who miscarried and those who did not in gestational age, endometrial thickness or volume, spontaneous early pregnancy loss was significantly higher in patients with endometrial volume <2 mL as compared to those with endometrial volume >2 mL.

Conclusions: 3-D US measurement of endometrial volume of less than 2 mL during early IVF pregnancy and prior to the appearance of gestational sac is a powerful predictor of pregnancy loss.

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  • Endometrial volume
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  • Miscarriage
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