Multi-object spectrometer with micromirror array

We have designed and built a multi-object spectrometer with micromirror array as a reconfigurable entrance aperture. In interactive mode, the instrument makes it possible to record both the hyperspectrum of the studied region as a whole and also sets of spectra of arbitrarily specified fragments. In this case, a spectral resolution of 0.8 nm or better is provided in the subranges 400–670 nm and 650–900 nm, aperture ratio of the spectroscopic channel at least 1:5. The analytical characteristics of the instrument make it possible to use it to solve a broad range of problems in modern multi-object spectroscopy and hyperspectroscopy.

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Correspondence to E. S. Voropai.

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Translated from Zhurnal Prikladnoi Spektroskopii, Vol. 77, No. 2, pp. 305–312, March–April, 2010.

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  • multi-object spectrometer
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