Correction to: Journal of Adult Development

In the article, Table 3 and Fig. 2 indicate that item 32 (“I feel like the ‘inner me’ has been out of sync with the ‘outer me’.”) was selected for the final questionnaire, but this is an error. Item 11 (“I have been questioning myself and my life more than I normally do.”) was selected for the questionnaire instead of Item 32, as per the Appendix, which is correct. Item 11 was selected due to being within 0.01 factor loading of item 32, while having the highest extracted communality of all items in the item pool. The higher extracted communality denotes more variance in the item explained by extracted factors, thus higher loading on the unitary developmental crisis construct that links all three factors. Hence the item included in the questionnaire shown in the Appendix is correctly shown as item 11. For more details on the trivial effects of this issue on inferential statistics, please contact the first author.

The corrected Table 3 and Fig. 2 are given in this correction.

Table 3 Factor loadings and communalities for each item from the initial item pool of the DCQ
Fig. 2
figure 2

Visual representation of the 12-item 3-factor model with standardized factor loadings