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Table 1 Type of special educational needs and disabilities as reported by the parent

From: How is COVID-19 Affecting the Mental Health of Children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and Their Families?

Type of SEND N (%)
Autism Spectrum Conditions 197 (82%)
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder 56 (23%)
Attention Deficit Disorder 15 (6%)
Developmental Coordination Disorder 24 (10%)
Developmental Language Disorder 45 (19%)
Dyslexia 21 (9%)
Global Developmental Delay 12 (5%)
Physical Disability 14 (6%)
Speech Disorder or Impediment 29 (12%)
Social, Emotional, and Mental Health Difficulties 76 (32%)
Sensory Processing Disorder 11 (5%)
Visual Impairments 12 (5%)
Othera 44 (18%)
  1. Parents were asked to select all that applied to their child from a list
  2. aTable only includes types of special educational needs and disabilities that were endorsed by > 10 parents. The remainder were included in the other category, which includes conduct disorder, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, Down syndrome, epilepsy, hearing impairment, and moderate learning difficulties