Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

, Volume 47, Issue 3, pp 525–534 | Cite as

Editorial: 2016 in Review

  • Fred R. Volkmar

Last year, the Journal received 1,030 submissions—a nearly 40% increase from 2012—building on an annual trend across the past decade. Of the papers submitted, slightly more than 30% were accepted. We are deeply grateful to the many individuals who participated in the peer review process; their careful attention to the papers usually led to at least one revision, and these papers were further strengthened during the review process. Whenever reviewers agree to participate, they not only make a significant contribution to the publishing process, they also advance the research and the field. Many of you answer the call time and again, and the Journal is deeply appreciative of your time and dedication; I also see, fortunately less frequently, the paradox of individual who almost never accept the request to review but commonly submits papers for review!

In looking back at last year’s submissions, the geographic origins of the papers are noteworthy. More than 80 different countries are represented. The majority, not surprisingly come from the English-speaking regions (e.g., Northern Europe) and Japan—places where autism research has been long-standing. Still, it is gratifying to see that many other countries are represented as well, including developing countries where work on autism is in its earliest phases. We encourage ongoing contributions from across the globe as an important aspect of our work as clinicians, researchers, and mentors.

We continue to strive to maintain an efficient review turnaround time, averaging about 45 days between first submission and initial decision for a majority of papers. Not surprisingly, given the increased volume of papers, the process necessarily runs longer on occasion, especially when papers are highly specialized and require reviewers with specific and appropriate knowledge of the subject matter. Ultimately, some papers must be rejected, but we hope that the reviews provide the authors with valuable feedback. We continue to encourage authors to make use of online resources to publish extra supplementary materials. We are grateful to the production staff at Springer for helping the Journal move papers through the publication process so that, once accepted, articles are published online with a document object identifier (DOI) number in relatively short order, usually less than 2 weeks.

As always, I’m deeply grateful to the Associate Editors who have served this past year: Alice Carter, Ph.D., Joshua Diehl, M.D., Christopher McDougle, Ph.D., Carla Mazefsky, Ph.D,. Ann S. Le Couteur, B.Sc., MBBS, FRCPsych, FRCPCH, James McPartland, Ph.D., Nancy Minshew, M.D., Brian Reichow, Ph.D., and Jeremy M. Veenstra-Vanderweele, M.D. Each has generously and diligently supported the work of the Journal, even in the face of the growing number of submissions. In 2017, we bid farewell to Anne Le Couteur and welcome Iain McClure, M.B., B.S., as an Associate Editor. We also wish to thank Koyal Bhattarcharjee for her service as production editor and welcome Ms. Janani Ganesan as our new production editor.

In the Journal office, Lori Klein, Editorial Manager, and Editorial Assistant, Logan Hart, work diligently to ensure that papers conform to Journal standards before they enter the peer-review process. I know from talking with reviewers that this helps facilitate the review process. We also thank Judy Jones at Springer and the individuals involved in the production of the Journal including Michelle Tam and Suganya Manikandan.

We welcome the following new members to the editorial board: Gerrit Van Schalkwyk, Hasan Zaghlawan, Cara Puglies, Justin Rowberry, and Adam Helles. We also are grateful to the work of colleagues who are rotating off the board: Hiroshi Kurita, Patrick Bolton, Helen Tager-Flusberg, Francesca Happe, Greg Wallace, Nurit Yirmiya and John Constantino. We thank all for their commitment to the Journal and the field.

The Journal also acknowledges the “Top 10” reviewers for 2016—that is, those individuals who provided the greatest number of comprehensive, thorough, timely reviews:

  1. 1.

    Roald Øien

  2. 2.

    David Beversdorf

  3. 3.

    Giacomo Vivanti

  4. 4.

    Kenneth Aitken

  5. 5.

    Johnny Matson

  6. 6.

    Stephenn Kane

  7. 7.

    Tristram Smith

  8. 8.

    Alastair Clarkson

  9. 9.

    Diana Robins

  10. 10.

    Gerrit Van Schalkwyk


The names of all individuals who have contributed one or more reviews to the Journal this year are listed below. Although far from perfect, peer review is the most effective way we have, as a field, to ensure the quality of our scholarly product. We thank all these individuals for their hard work and dedication.

Heidi Abadeh

Brett Abrahams

Jessica Abrams

Sana Abu-Dahab

Amy Accardo

Pasquale Accardo

Lynn Adams

J’Anne Affeld

Coelho Aguiar

William Hamilton Ahearn

Kenneth Aitken

Hironori Akechi

Burcu Semin Akel

Jessica Akers

Leyla Akoury Dirani

Natacha Akshoomoff

Selin Aktan Guloksuz

Iyad Aldaqre

Ben Alderson-Day

Michael Alessandri

A. Alexander

Abigail Alexander

Yahya Al-Farsi

Jamal Alkhateeb

Clare Allely

Harriet Allen

Micah Allen

Rory Allen

Telma Almeida

Joana Almeida

Hanna Alonim

Ayten Alsaffar

Mohammad Altamimi

Micahel Aman

Ben Ambridge

Lorene Amet

Emily Anderberg

Per Andersen

George Anderson

Kathleen Angkustsiri

Kevin Antshel

Araceli Arellano

Rebecca Armstrong

Kristie Asaro-Saddler

Manzar Ashtari

Tatiana Assumpção

Hjördís Atladóttir

Karla Ausderau

Jillian Austin

Kevin Ayers

Muhammad Azeem

Samy Azer

Fatemeh Azimi Amoli

Elisa Back

David Badcock

Stephanie Bader

Carolina Baeza-Velasco

Christopher Baglio

Daniel Bagner

Sacha Bailey

Gillian Baird

Jason Baker

Emma Baker

Sara Baker

Amanda Bakian

Trine Lise Bakken

Giulia Balboni

Carrie Ballantyne

Jaime Ballard

Linda Bandini

Angela Barber

Gardenia Barbosa

Erin T. Barker

L. Jarrett Barnhill

Rita Barone

Erin Barton

Marianne Barton

Giuseppe Battaglia

Dana Battaglia

Sema Batu

Debra Bauder

Sarah Baum

Margaret Bauman

Nirit Bauminger-Zviely

Allison Bean Ellawadi

Karen Bearss

Elliott Beaton

Renae Beaumont

Joanna Beckett

Sander Begeer

Rebecca Beights

Matthew Belmonte

Dorit ben Shalom

Teal Benevides

Stephen Benning

Paul R. Benson

Catherine Bent

Fabrice Berna

Vera Bernard-Opitz

Jon Bernstein

Kari Berquist

Alison Betz

David Beversdorf

Chad Beyer

Rujuta Bhatt

Elizabeth Biggs

Staci Bilbo

Deborah Bilder

Lucia Billeci

Vincent Billock

Eva Billstedt

Federico Maria

Giovanni Bionda

Geoffrey Bird

Kirstin Birtwell

Monica Biscaldi

Jason Bishop

Haley Bishop

Crystal Bishop

Sonja Bishop

Lauren Bishop-Fitzpatrick

Vicki Bitsika

Jan Blacher

Kwang-Sun Blair

Kelly Blankenship

Michael Bloch

Aaron Blocher-Rubin

Wendy Blumenthal

Miriam C Boesch

Bart Boets

Dijana Bogicevic

Francois Bolduc

Sven Bolte

Daniel Bone

Marta Borgi

Morghan Bosch

Seuli Bose-Brill

Kristen Bottema-Beutel

James N. Bouder

Emilie Boujut

Lucie Bouvet

Dermot M. Bowler

Brian Boyd

Wiebe Braam

Lauren Bradstreet

Nancy Brady

Danielle Brady

Ruth Brenner

Rebecca Brewer

Rachel Brezis

Mary Briggs

Jon Brock

Matthew Brock

Sarabeth Broder-Fingert

Neill Broderick

Natascia Brondino

Johnell Brooks

Mark Brosnan

Caroline Brown

Carolyn Brown

William H Brown

Cecilia Brynskov

Stephanie Bryson

Aurélie Bucaille

Maria Pia Bucci

Gavin Buckingham

Myra Beth Bundy

Sloane Burgess

Meghan Burke

Courtney Burnette

Priscilla Burnham Riosa

Catherine Burrows

Igor Burstyn

Hillary Bush

Maggie Butchart

E. Sandra Byers

Breanne Byiers

Mitchell Byrne

Eilidh Cage

Chadi Calarge

Catherine Caldwell-Harris

Stephen Camarata

Susan Campbell

Jonathan Campbell

Kristine Cantin

Catherine M. Capio

Barbara Caplan

Cláudia Cardoso-Martins

Sophie Carlier

Derek Carlson

Christina Carnahan

Laura Carpenter

Staci E. Carr

Tana Carson

Alice Carter

Maria Casagrande

Michael Casale

Manuel Casanova

Carissa Cascio

Devin Casenhiser

Sarah Cassidy

Paul Cavanagh

Mats Cederlund

Paige Cervantes

Kathryn Chadman


Hiu-ming Chan

Kevin K. S. Chan

Michelle Chaney

Ya-Chih Chang

Leigh Chapman

J. Charles

Marjorie Charlop

Tony Charman

Gregory Chasson

Alfred Chavira

Marek Chawarska

Keely Cheslack-Postava

Mei-chun Cheung

Huey Ling Chiang

Flavia Chiarotti

Li-Nien Chien

Iris Chin

Meia Chita-Tegmark

Hannah Cholemkery

Nicholas Chown

Shawn Christ

Lisa Christensen

Sheila Christopher

Domenic Cicchetti

Dana Cihelkova

Joseph Cihon

David Cipriano

Krista Clancy

Carol J. Clark

Christopher Clarke

Alastair Clarkson

Ann Clawson

Emily Coderre

Marika Coffman

Ira Cohen

Simonne Cohen

Caitlin Conner

Eugenia Conti

Regina Conti

Helen Coo

Anne Cook

Sally-Ann Cooper

Blythe Corbett

Natália Correia

Joanna Cosbey

Albert Cotugno

Daniel Coury

Richard Cowan

David Cox

Phyllis Coyne

Daina Crafa

Laura Crane

Matthew Cranwell

Hayley Crawford

Sheila Crewther

Serena Cribb

Pamela Crooke

Kimberly Crosland

Molly Crossman

Paolo Curatolo

Carol Curtin

Luke Curtis

Elizabeth Curtiss-Cabell

Hanna Cygan

Samantha Dalfen

Judith Danovitch

Rachael Dansby

Michael Datko

Michael Davidovitch

Meghan Davidson

Naomi Davis

Tonya Davis

Tamara Dawkins

Taylor Day

Annelies de Bildt

Maretha De Jonge

Berenice de la Cruz

AndresDe Los Reyes

Ashley de Marchena

Cristiane de Paula

Silvia De Rubeis

Sarah De Saeger

Kim Dean

Diana Deister

Linda Dekker

Jonathan Delafield-Butt

Carly Demopoulos

Allison Dempsey

Katherine Demuth

Danielle DeNigris

Katie Denman

Christopher Denning

Cyrielle Derguy

Peter Deschamps

Whitney Detar

Stephen Deutsch

Jeroen Dewinter

Magda Di Renzo

Gabriel DIchter

Aisha Dickerson

Joshua Diehl

Renee Dijkhuis

Ibrahim Diken

Lisa Dille

Cheryl Dissanayake

Peter Doehring

Ceymi Doenyas

Smadar Dolev

Franc Donkers

Albert Donnay

David Donnelly

Alissa Doobay

Kathy Doody

Michail Doumas

Jenny Downs

Peter W Dowrick

Cathi Draper Rodriguez

Meredith Dreyer Gillette

Irene Eva Drmic

Priscilla Dseagu

Dean D’Souza

Rennan Du

Indu Dubey

Claire Dumont

Amie Duncan

Daniel Dunleavy

Winnie Dunn

Louise Dunn

Sarah Dunphy-Lelii

Irem Duzgun

Angel Belle Dy

Tina Dyches

Kristy Dykshoorn

Jessica Dykstra Steinbrenner

Shaun Eack

Rita Eagle

Karen Eastman

Andreas Eckert

Stephen M. Edelson

James Christopher Edgar

E. Edmiston

Rebecca Edmondson Pretzel

Laura Edwards

Maria Efstratopoulou

Andrew Egel

Inge-Marie Eigsti

Abbey Eisenhower

Naomi Ekas

Leif Ekblad

Farah El Zein

Jennifer Harrison Elder

Sigmund Eldevik

Rebecca Elias

Nassim Elias

Özge Eliçin

Jed Elison

Matthew Ellis

Susan Ellis Weismer

Mayada Elsabbagh

Marie Elwin

Rano Engstrand

Gillian Erhabor

Craig Erickson

Karen Eskow

Amy Esler

Kris Evers

Joshua Ewen

Charles Fage

Susan Faja

Terje Falck-Ytter

Ruth Falco

Torbjorn Falkmer

Jin Fan

Megan Farley

Cristan Farmer

Emily Farran

Alessio Fasano

Víctor Faundes

Cecilia Feeley

Bronwyn Fees

Deborah Fein

Adam Feinstein

Carmen Feldhaus

Sarah Ninan Fenn

Rachel Fenning

Fernanda Fernandes

Thomas Fernandez

Angel Fettig

Charlotte Field

Joanne Fielding

Marisa Filipe

Matia Finn-Stevenson

Maria Fiorentino

Julia Fisher

Michael Fitzgerald

Fay Fletcher

Sue Fletcher-Watson

Jill Fodstad

Sylvia Fogel

Jennifer Foss-Feig

Francesca Foti

Kimberly Fournier

Stephanie Fox

Konstantinos Francis

Alcantud Francisco

Thomas Frazier

Andrew Freeman


Stephanny Freeman

Mark Freeston

Megan Freeth

Christine Freitag

Karl Friston

Mitch Fryling

Yasuko Funabiki

Lawrence Fung

Laura Fusar-Poli

Nicholas Gage

Sebastian Gaigg

Jennifer Gallup


Emily Gardiner

Michael Garrett

Clarisse Garriot Chatel

Marco Garzitto

Gerin Gaskin

Caterina Gawrilow

Nicholas Gelbar

Grace Gengoux

Betholyn Gentry

Stelios Georgiades

Alan Gerber

Monique Germone

Hilde M. Geurts

Mohammad Ghaziuddin

Ioanna Giannopoulou

Irini Giannopulu

Amelia Gibson

Lina Gilic

Christopher Gillberg

Kristen Gillespie-Lynch

Maria Gilmour

Carly Gilson

Joseph Glessner

G. Glickman

Magdalena Glod

Ken Gobbo

Ereny Gobrial

Linda Goddard

Ofer Golan

Rinat Gold

Alanna Gold

Joseph Gold

Paula Goldenberg

Sylvie Goldman

Janice Goldschmidt

Tina Goldsmith

Gerald Goldstein

Esperanza Gómez Durán

Joseph Gona

Corentin Gonthier

Matthew Goodwin

Katherine Gotham

Doron Gothelf

Emma Gowen

Victoria Grahame

Catherine Grainger

Temple Grandin

Nicole Grant

William Grant

Heewon Gray

Kirstin Greaves-Lord

Shulamite Green

Vanessa Green

Dorota Green

Hojka Gregoric Kumperscak

Megan Griffin

Elena Grigorenko

Roy Grinker

Sabrina Grondhuis

Thomas F. Gross

Hesna Gul

Aysegül Selcen Güler

Amanda Gulsrud

Abha Gupta

Susan Gurry

Whitney Guthrie

Anibal Gutierrez

Jacalyn Guy

Brenda Guzic

Frampton Gwynette

Miklos Gyori

Kaaren Haas

Bat-Sheva Hadad

Julie Hadwin

Eileen Haebig

Randi Hagerman

Sarah Haigh

Soumeyya Halayem

Santoshi Halder

Scott S. Hall

Cristin Hall

Sophie Hall

Anna Eva Hallin

Antonia Hamilton

Justin Hampton

Sarah Hampton

Benjamin Handen

Jolynn Haney

Mary Hanley

Blake Hansen

Robin L. Hansen

Sarah Hansen

Laura Hanson

Ellen Hanson

Amy Harbison

Abby Hare-Harris

Colleen Harker

Madeline Harms

John Harrington

Rebecca Harrington

Sandra Harris

Clare Harrop

Elizabeth Harstad

Logan Hart

Sigan Hartley

Calum Hartley

Tyler Hassenfeldt

Joshua Haworth

Spencer Hayes

Stephanie Hayes

Eric Hazen

James Heathers

Pamela Heaton

Mary Hediger

Darren Hedley

Annika Hellendoorn

Lisa Henderson

Heather Henderson

Charles Henry

Kristien Hens

Lauren Herlihy

Eugenia Hernandez-Ruiz

Sandra Maria Herondina

John Herrington

Sean Hess

David Hessl

Joe Hettinger

Laura Hewitson

Juan Fernando Hilario Villapecellín

Alison Hill

Ashleigh Hillier


Tomoya Hirota

Jason Ho

Betty Ho

Darren Hocking

James Hoelzle

Matthew Hollocks

Jill Hollway

Margo Holm

Anja Holwerda

Hideo Honda

David Hong

Jinkuk Hong

Lisa Honigfeld

Michelle Hoogenhout

Daniel Hoover

Zoe Hopkins

Jamie Horder

Adam Horvath

Janice Howard

Yamini Howe

Fiona Howe

Patricia Howlin

Anne Lise Høyland

Caitlin Hudac

William Hudenko

Kristelle Hudry

Jennie Hudson

Matthew Hudson

Marisela Huerta

Kara Hume

Rachel Hundley

Sarah Hurwitz

Vanessa Hus Bal

Bibi Huskens

Ted Hutman

Yoon-Suk Hwang

Susan Hyman

Yvette Hyter

Suzannah Iadarola

Grace Iarocci

Brooke Ingersoll

Einar Ingvarsson

Maria Ioannou

Dwight Irvin

Julia Irwin

Michelle Ivey

Scott Jackson

Andrew Jahoda

Rene Jamison

Vikki Janke

Susan Jarmuz-Smith

Christopher Jarrold

Laurie Jeans

Rachel Jellett

Jeremy Jewell

Cunmei Jiang

Wei Jing

Allison Jobin

Cynthia Johnson

Beth Johnson

Ketti Johnson Coffelt

Elina Jokiranta-Olkoniemi

Emily Jones

Garland Jones

Glenys Jones

Sharon Jones

Rebecca Jones

Annette Joosten

Dana Jorgensen

Joan Jory

Jane E. Joseph

Robert M. Joseph

Amanda Jozkowski

Anett Kaale

Aaron Kaat

Louise Kaczmarek

Rames Kaipa

Zsuzsa Kaldy

Kelly Kamimura-Nishimura

Yoko Kamio

Inge Kamp-Becker

Inge Kamp-Becker

Debra Kamps

Rajesh Kana

Stephen Kanne

Elizabeth Karp

Connie Kasari

Bruce Kastin

Aleksandra Kaurin

Misa Kayama

Elizabeth Kay-Raining Bird

Chris Keary

Piyapa Keawutan

Amy Keefer

Brandon Keehn

Mickey Keenan

Cara Keifer

Coral Kemp

Maureen Kenny

Lorcan Kenny

Lauren Kenworthy

Suneeta Kercood

Connor Morrow Kerns

Mieke Ketelaars

Alexandra Key

Sharon Kidd

Sunny Kim

Elizabeth Kim

Jinah Kim

Elizabeth Kim

So Hyun Kim

Yael Kimhi

Jessica Kinard

Melissa King

Marcy Kingsbury

Anne Kirby

Melissa Kirkovski

Mikhail Kissine

Cheryl Klaiman

Johan Kleberg

Susan Klein

Bonita (Bonnie) Klein-Tasman

Dorit Kliemann

Ami Klin

Jessica Klusek

Erin Knight

John Knutsen

Steven Koch

Lynn Koegel

Robert Koegel

Kathy Koenig

Kristie Koenig

Hwan Cui Koh

Kami Koldewyn

Judah Koller

Ashley Kopec

Jeffrey Kornitzer

Sanjeev Kothare

Amanda Kotolski

Silva Kourtian

Sara T. Kover

Susan Kratz

Nicole Kreiser

Nicole Kreiser

Jennifer Kremkow

William Kronenberger

Rebecca Kronk

Steve Kroupa

Heather Kuhaneck

Karen Kuhlthau

Kristine Kulage

Margaret Kurzius-Spencer

Emily Kuschner

Azadeh Kushki

Leslie Kwakye

Anneli Kylliainen

Paul LaCava

Martin Lages

Ann Lagges

Uttama Lahiri

Bien Lai

Meng-Chuan Lai

Philip Lai

Renee Lajiness-O’Neill

Yan Grace Lam

Nicole Landi

J. A. Landsman-Dijkstra

Beth Lanning

Elizabeth Lanter

Kenneth Larsen

Amandine Lassalle

Susan Latham

Cheyenne Laue

Elizabeth Laugeson

Amy Laurent

Gloria Law

Rebecca Lawson

Elizabeth Lawson

Selena Layden

Thomas L Layton

Justin Leaf

Ronald Leaf

Eve LeBarton

Linda LeBlanc

Eli Lebowitz

Luc Lecavalier

Jennifer Ledford

Brian Lee

Keven Lee

Michelle Lee

Jihyun Lee

Susan Leekam

Jiedi Lei

Helen Leonard

Hayley Leonard

Jenna Lequia

Matthew D Lerner

Joanna Lessing-Pernak

Jessica Lester

Roberta Leu

Todd Levine

Alan Lewis

Brianna Lewis

Hsin-Yi Liang

Klaus Libertus

Chai Lim

Ling-Yi Lin

Alan Lincoln

Guodong Liu

Yadan Liu

Sarah Lloyd-Fox

Patricia Lockwood

Silvio Loddo

Rachel Loftin

Sarah Logan

Joanna Lomas Mevers

Belen Lopez-Perez

Catherine Lord

Gonzalo Lorenzo

Molly Losh

Tom Loucas

Soile Loukusa

Anneke Louwerse

Katherine Loveland

Christina Low Kapalu

Rebecca Lucas

Amanda Ludlow

Colleen Lukens

Yona Lunsky

Sean Luo

Rhiannon Luyster

Kristen Lyall

Qing Ma

Suzanne Macari

Megan MacDonald

Kristen Mackenzie

Brenna B. Maddox

Matthew Maenner

Iliana Magiati

Fernanda Magliaro

Maryam Mahmoudi

Kimberly Maich

Max Maisel

Evie Malaia

Susan Malcolm-Smith

Beth Malow

William Mandy

Christopher Manente

Catherine Manning

Loredana Marchica

Lee Marcus

Peter Marschik

Lauren Marsh

Luis Marti

Gary Martin

Caren Martin

Raquel Martinez

Svetlana Masgutova

Tracy Masterson

Wolfgang Mastnak

Johnny Matson

Soichiro Matsuda

Hideo Matsuzaki

John Maule

Sofia Mavropoulou

Teresa May-Benson

Jennifer Mayer

Carla Mazefsky

Micah Osborne Mazurek

Stéphanie Mazzone

Tomomi McAuliffe

Allyssa McCabe

Erin McCanlies

Robert McCauley

Iain McClure

Helen McConachie

Adam McCrimmon

Christin McDonald

T. A. McDonald

Margaret McGonigle-Chalmers

Colman McGrath

Karla McGregor

John McGrew

Kelly McGuire

Nancy McIntyre

James McKowen

Tara McLaughlin

Camilla McMahon

Margaret McManus

Stephen Edward McMillin

Meg McQueen

Alana McVey

Sergio Melogno

Britany Melton

Amir Hossein Memari

Gary Mesibov

Daniel Messinger

Echo Meyer

Judith Meyers

Judith Miles

Judy Miller

Bosiljka Milosavljevic

Alyssa Milot

Noha Minshawi

Galen Missig

Eric Mitchell

Maria Mody

Daniel Molina

Charlotte Montgomery

María Morales-Suárez-Varela

Mariela Morelli

Laura Morett

Lindee Morgan

Michael Morrier

Susan Morris

Matthew Mosconi

Lauren Moskowitz

Joanna Moss

Laurent Mottron

Susana Mouga

Joshua Muggleton

Rebecca Muhle

Ann Mulder

Bretton Mulder

Christina Mulé

Nico Müller

Aisling Mulligan

Peter Mundy

Kaizad Munshi

Michael Murias

Donna Murray

Aja Murray

Kimberly Murza

Aviva Must

Joshua Nadeau

Adam Naples

Naoko Narita

Cameron Neece

Kristina Neely

Emily Neuhaus

Ann Neumeyer

Nigel Newbutt

Rob Nicolson

Mark Nielsen

Ilse Noens

Noor Safiza Nor

Anders Nordahl-Hansen

Jessie Northrup

Laura Nota

Lisa Nowinski

Heather J. Nuske

Lindsay Oberman

Valeria Occelli

Samuel Odom

Jeneva Ohan

Anne O’Hare

Roald Øien

Melissa Olive

Guiomar Oliveira

Chris Oliver

Thomas H. Ollendick

Stephen Oller

Eric Olofson

Linda O’Neill

Devon Oosting

Beate Orbeck

Gael Orsmond

Kateryna Ostrovska

Donald Oswald

Tiffany Otero

Sadao Otsuka

Selda Ozdemir

Sally Ozonoff

Ann Ozsivadjian

Gonca Özyurt

Iliyana Pacheva

Ciara Padden

Romina Palermo

Michelle Palumbo

Shrijana Pandey

Robin Panneton

Despina Papoudi

Su Young Park

Jeremy Parr

Elise Pas

Estefanía Pascual

Michelle Patriquin

Melissa Patriquin

Rhea Paul

Markus Paulus

Nalin Payakachat

Amanda Pearl

Amy Pearson

Laura Pecora

Melanie Pellecchia

Elizabeth Pellicano

Catherine Pemble

Melanie Penner

Susan Peppe

Alexandra Perovic

James M. Perrin

Adrienne Perry

Vaithiamanithi Perumal

Sarika Peters

Brittany Peters

Anna Petursdottir

Rebecca Pfeffer

Gerit Pfuhl

James Phalen

Giorgia Picci

Jill Pineda

Ewa Pisula

Maurice Place

Joshua Plavnick

Martin Plawecki

Daniela Plesa

Allison M. Plumb

Laura Politte

Suresh Poovathinal

Daniel Posner

Stephen Post

Valentina Postorino

Deborah Potvin

Marie-Christine Potvin

Michael D. Powers

Benjamin Praker

Cara Pugliese

Eve-Marie Quintin

Linda Quirmbach

Adam Qureshi

Keith Radley

Nancy Raitano Lee

Ramesh Rajan

Salih Rakap

Rajeev Ranjan

Isabelle Rapin

Allison Ratto

Caitlin Ravichandran

C.S. Rayner

Judy Reaven

Phil Reed

Hannah Reed

Brian Reichow

Marian Reiff

Whitney Relf

Anna Remington

Nuri Reyes

Deborah Riby

Cynthia Riccio

Amanda Richdale

John Richey

David Richman

Giulia Righi

Melanie Ring

Susan Risi

Henry Roane

Jane Roberts

Andrea Roberts

Wendy Roberts

Timothy Roberts

Ashley E. Robertson

Diana Robins

Ben Robins

Anna Robinson

Janine Robinson

Carol Rockhill

Jacqui Rodgers

Jonathan Rodgers

Jairo Rodríguez-Medina

Jessica Roesser

Amanda Roestorf

Sally J. Rogers

Nicole Rohrer

Donald Rojas

Pamela Rollins

Raymond Romanczyk

Luca Ronconi

Jenny Root

Danielle Ropar

Rocío Rosales

Miriam Rosenberg-Lee

Veerle Ross

Daniel Rossignol

Meera Roy

Ashok Roy

Julie Rubin

Sabrina Rubin

Keiran Rump

Maureen Russell

Natalie Russo

Helena Rutherford

Antoinette Sabatino DiCriscio

Maura Sabatos-DeVito

Evald Saemundsen

Mustafa Sahin

Brenda Salley

Ann Sam

Micheal Sandbank

Elisabeth Sanderson

Cheryl Sandford

Elise Sannar

Damian Santomauro

Tanja Sappok

Noah Sasson

Celine Saulnier

Lawrence Scahill

Angela Scarpa

Christian Schaaf

Roseann Schaaf

Jeannette Schaeffer

Carol Schall

Synnve Schjolberg

Alyssa Schlenz

Dana Schneider

Alana Schnitz

Sarah Schoen

Laura Schreibman

Susan Schultz

Charles E. Schwartz

Edward T. Schwartzberg

Trisha Self

Tyra Sellers

Domenico Serino

Carla Sesarini

Monique Seymour

Keith Shafritz

Punit Shah

Shivani Sharma

Christopher Sharpley

Paul Shawler

Stephen Sheinkopf

Daniel Shepherd

Elizabeth Sheppard

Frederick Shic

Aaron Shield

Wendy Shih

Andy Shih

Alice Shillingsburg

Stephanie Shire


Oren Shtayermman

Garriy Shteynberg

Lauren Shuffrey

Jill Shuster

Panagiotis Siaperas

Matthew Siegel

Bryna Siegel

Jeff Sigafoos

Michael Siller

Nava Silton

Laura Silverman

David Simmons

Eileen Simon

Emily Simonoff

Ramona Simut

Charlotte Sinding

Alison Singer

Vicky Slonims

Tristram Smith

Isaac Smith

Cary Stacy Smith

Isabel Smith

Hayley Smithers-Sheedy

LeeAnne Snyder

Ryuhei So

Kate Sofronoff

Estate Sokhadze

Timothy Soto

Isabelle Soulières

Mikle South

Debbie Spain

Laura Sparaci

Sarah Spence

Sara Spencer

Lisa Sperle

Laurie Sperry

Eve Spratt

Aubyn Stahmer

Andrew Stanfield

Sandy Stanutz

Jennifer Stapel-Wax

Kerri Staples

Fabrizio Stasolla

Katherine Stavropoulos

Leah Stein Duker

Karen Stendal

Kevin Stephenson

Alexandra Stergiou

Audra Sterling

Lindsey Sterling

Philipp Sterzer

Bruce Stevenson

Melissa Stockbridge

Mark Stokes

Wendy Stone

John Strang

Katharine Stratigos

Kara Styck

Yi (Esther) Su

Denis Sukhodolsky

Deanna Swain

Ronald Swatzyna

Thayne Sweeten

Jennifer Symon

Frank Symons

Christine Syriopoulou

Kathleen Tait

Hidetoshi Takahashi

Kohske Takahashi

Diana Tan

Hiroki Tanaka

Kelly Tanner

Amy Tanner

Lauren Taylor

Julie Taylor

Deniz Tekin Ersan

Kayla Ten Eycke

Renee Terrasi

Arhonto Terzi

Jane Thierfeld Brown

Benjamin Thomas

Grace Thompson

Matthew Thullen

Audrey Thurm

Angela Thurman

Jinlai Tian

Elaine Tierney

Cheryl Tierney

Adrienne Tierney

Mick Tilford

Julian Tillmann

Theodore Tomeny

Xin Tong

Jeanne Townsend

Brittany Travers

Darold Treffert

Hsiao-Wei Tsai

Sandra Tsang

Ling Tsao

John Tsiouris

Roberto Tuchan

Megan Tudor

Jeremy Turk

Lauren Turner-Brown

Nicole Turygin

Charlotte Tye

Mirko Uljarevic

Shota Uono

Maria Urbano

Florina Uzefovsky

David Vagni

Maria Valdovinos

Stephanie Valencia

Mary Van Bourgondien

Rutger van der Gaag

Ruth Van der Hallen

Lien Van Eylen

Valérie Van Hees

Jo Van Herwegen

Rob van Lier

Gerrit Van Schalkwyk

Francisca Van Steensel

Patricia van Wijngaarden-Cremers

Ernst VanBergeijk

Brent Vander Wyk

Sandra Vanegas

Melinda Vanya

Amy Vaughan Van Hecke

Amrita Vavilikolanu

Olivia Veatch

Jeremy Veenstra-Vanderweele

Svetla Velikova

Aldina Venerosi

Courtney Venker

Pamela Ventola

Paola Venuti

Lisette Verhoeven

Ty Vernon

Giacomo Vivanti

Rini Vohra

Joanne Volden

Melek Volkan-Yazici

Shannon Wagner

Allison Wainer

Jane Waite

Akio Wakabayashi

Carla Wall

Casey Walsh

Sasha Walters

Katherine Walton

Mitzi Waltz

Zheng Wang

Ya Wang

Lynn Ward

Marji Erickson Warfield

Katherine Warnell

Zachary Warren

Diana Wasserman

Takamitsu Watanabe

Lynn Waterhouse

Laci Watkins

Renee Watling

Linda R. Watson

Cynthia Waugh

Jessica Waxler

Amanda Webster

Jerzy Wegiel

Paige Weinger

Omri Weisman

Lauren Weiss

Amy Weitlauf

Laurie Wellner

Alexander Westphal

Kelly Whalon

Anne Wheeler

Agnes H. Whitaker

Susan White

Andrew J. O. Whitehouse

Rondalyn Whitney

Elisabeth Whyte

Bruno Wicker

Jordan Wickstrom

Andrea Wieckowski

R. Constance Wiener

Lisa Wiggins

Sarah Wigham

Lucy Wilde

Preston Wiles

David Williams

Diane Williams

Craig Williams

Kent Williams

Charlotte Wilson

Ashley Wilson

Julie Wolf

Jason Wolff

Connie Wong

Virginia Wong

Jeffrey Wood

Marc Woodbury-Smith

Kate Woodcock

Viktoriya Wormann

Tiffany Woynaroski

Chen-Ying Wu

Kaylee Wynkoop

Gulnoza Yakubova

Yung-Jui (Daniel) Yang

Mu Yang

Shu Yau

Benjamin Yerys

Huso Yi

Gul Deniz Yilmaz

Paul Yoder


Timothy Yu

Luodi Yu

Hasan Zaghlawan

Hani Zainal

Debra Zand

Kathleen Zanolli

Sasha Zeedyk

Waganesh Zeleke

Zhichun Zhou

Peng Zhou

Katharine Zuckerman

Nicole Zurcher

Lonnie Zwaigenbaum

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