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Table 3 Generalised linear model predicting likelihood of beliefs about SJT negative interaction scenarios

From: Thinking about Others’ Minds: Mental State Inference in Boys with Conduct Problems and Callous-Unemotional Traits

  Wald df p
Peers would say acceptable a 0.150 2 0.928
Peers would say unacceptable b 0.076 2 0.963
Peers would say neutral c 2.979 2 0.232
  1. 1Goodness of fit (Pearson’s X2 (a: 1.109; b: 1.176; c: 1.141)) did not indicate over dispersion
  2. 2As the distribution of responses was different for scenarios two and four as compared to scenarios one, three, and five (see Table 2), the analysis was repeated excluding scenarios two and four. This did not change the findings; no effect of group on responding (acceptable, unacceptable, or neutral) was found