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Tailor-structured skeletal Pt catalysts employed in a monolithic electropromoted reactor

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The performance of a monolithic electropromoted reactor was investigated under high gas flow rates, for the oxidation of ethylene utilizing thin (40 nm) tailor-structured highly porous skeletal Pt catalyst-electrodes coated on Y2O3-stabilized-ZrO2 (YSZ). Electrochemical enhancement was observed at gas flow rates as high as 25 L min−1 and mean gas residence times as low as 0.15 s. This is a promising step for the practical utilization of the electrochemical promotion of catalysis. An interesting feature of the skeletal Pt catalyst-electrodes is the appearance of a sharp rate maximum upon anodic current interruption which appears to be related to their dendritic structure and enhanced capacity for promoter storage.

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  • Electrochemical promotion
  • Monolithic electrochemically promoted reactor
  • Ethylene oxidation
  • MEPR
  • Skeletal Pt electrodes
  • Y2O3-stabilized-ZrO2