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A fluidized bed photoreactor exploiting a supported photocatalyst with adsorption pre-concentration capacity


Laboratory and small pilot scale fluidized bed photoreactors are described that utilize an integrated photocatalyst adsorbent (IPCA) mounted on porous silica beads as support protecting against IPCA attrition. The active material is Degussa P-25 TiO2 bound to a Silicalite I zeolite adsorbent. Operating conditions for fluidization that achieves uniform illumination of photoactive particles are determined. Axial and multi-lamp configurations are compared. The small pilot reactor is calibrated against the laboratory reactor. Sub-stoichiometric acceleration of phenol oxidation by H2O2 was observed.

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  • adsorbent
  • catalyst support
  • fluidized bed
  • photocatalyst
  • photocatalytic
  • reactor
  • titanium dioxide
  • zeolite