Information Technology and Management

, Volume 17, Issue 3, pp 203–227

Applying business context to calculate subsets of business document standards



Business documents directly exchanged between applications usually follow a certain business document standard. No matter whether these standards are traditional EDI standards or XML-based, they are very generic including all elements that may be of need to any company in this world. Before being used in a partnership, a subset of these elements has to be defined based on the business context (geopolitical region, industry, etc.). Usually the definition of these subsets—called Message Implementation Guidelines—starts from scratch, and, thus, is very time-consuming. In this paper we present an approach to explicitly assign context to the definition of Message Implementation Guidelines. This contextual information is also used to calculate a subset for to-be-developed Message Implementation Guidelines based on existing ones. The corresponding approach is supported by a prototype implementation.


Business context Business document standards Conceptual modeling Business document ontology Automatic generation of e-documents 

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