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Table 1 Definition of variables used in the analytical model

From: Social Media Sustainability Communication: An Analysis of Firm Behaviour and Stakeholder Responses

\(d\) Demand for the firm’s product/service
\(a\) Market Potential
\(p\) Per unit price for the product/service
\(c\) Per unit cost for the product/service
\(\alpha\) Consumer sensitivity towards the firm’s actual sustainability investment
\(\theta\) Quantum of sustainability investment made by the firm
\(\beta\) Consumer sensitivity towards the firm’s social media communication on sustainability
\(0\leq i\leq 1\) Social media consumer interaction capability of the firm
\(\eta\) Quantum of sustainability communication made by the firm
\({I}_{1}\) Sustainability investment cost factor
\({I}_{2}\) Sustainability communication cost factor