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Table 7 Results of PubMed’s automatic term mapping

From: Evaluation of query expansion using MeSH in PubMed

Collection Queries [MeSH] [Text] [ALL] [MeSH] OR [Text] OR [ALL]
TREC 2006 21 17 17 15 21
TREC 2007 34 28 28 23 34
Oct 17, 2005 2.4 M 1.5 M 1.4 M 1.4 M 2.0 M
  1. The last column shows the number of queries assigned with at least one of the three search tags listed in the columns 3–5. Note that a single query can be assigned with multiple search tags (e.g. parvovirus[MeSH Terms] OR parvovirus[Text Words]). Thus for each row, the sum of the numbers in columns 3 to 5 is greater than the number in the second column (i.e. Queries). Abbreviations: [MeSH], [MeSH Terms]; [Text], [Text Words]; [ALL], [All Fields]