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Amy Langville and Carl Meyer, Google’s Page Rank and Beyond: The Science of Search Engine Rankings

Princeton University Press, Princeton, 2006, 234 pp, $35.00, ISBN 978069112201
  • Bebo White
Book Review

With such a compelling title, this book suggests that it holds the secret to how Web authors can acquire one of their most coveted goals—a high ranking on the Google search engine. The key to that goal, they suggest, is an understanding of Google’s PageRank model. They even float the idea (and quickly reject) that the PageRank equation may rank alongside the great equations of history such as Maxwell’s equations of electromagnetism and Einstein’s pervasive E = mc2. With an understanding of that equation might come a high Google ranking—perhaps more valuable in today’s IT world than an understanding of the processes of the universe. However, after reading this book, it may be far more realistic to categorize PageRank amongst the great industrial recipes of our time such as the closely guarded formula for Coca-Cola. Like the Coke recipe, PageRank is a well-kept industrial secret, an intellectual property that built an empire, that contributes to the satisfaction of millions of consumers...

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