Adversity, Conflict, Wisdom

  • Michael BradyEmail author
  • Monika Ardelt
  • Margaret Plews-Ogan
  • Stephen Pope
Suppose that experience is central to the development of wisdom. Here we might ask two questions:
  1. 1.

    What is unique about adversity as a type of experience in the promotion of wisdom?

  2. 2.

    What are the personality characteristics and social conditions that promote wisdom following adversity?

1. Adversity involves a particular kind of lack or loss of control over our lives. It results from a challenge to our values and concerns. But such a challenge can be positively correlated with growth of wisdom along two dimensions. First, a challenge to our values and concerns focuses attention on these, motivates reflection upon them, and, in doing so, can deepen our understanding of what matters to us and why. Faced with adversity in our career, for example, we might come to re-examine and re-assess the point or purpose of our career path, coming to see academia in a new light, as something that is worth pursuing, or as something that we should ultimately give up. In this way, adversity...



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