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Dynamic Design of Compound Shell Structures of Revolution Under Nonstationary Loads*

A technique for solving dynamic problems of the behavior of compound shell structures (solving the equations of motion subject to appropriate boundary and initial conditions) is developed. The structurally orthotropic model of a three-layer shell structure with a cellular core is used, for which the integral values of the elastic modulus and Poisson’s ratios are determined experimentally. Numerical algorithms are developed, and the corresponding problems of mathematical theory of elasticity are solved. The numerical results are analyzed.

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Correspondence to P. Z. Lugovoi.

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Translated from Prikladnaya Mekhanika, Vol. 56, No. 1, pp. 32–43, January–February 2020.

* This study was sponsored by the budget program “Support for Priority Areas of Scientific Research” (KPKVK 6541230).

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Lugovoi, P.Z., Meish, V.F., Meish, Y.A. et al. Dynamic Design of Compound Shell Structures of Revolution Under Nonstationary Loads*. Int Appl Mech 56, 22–32 (2020).

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  • compound shell structures
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