Intermittent Fault Diagnosability of Hyper Petersen Network

  • Hua JiangEmail author
  • Jiarong Liang


The problem of permanent fault diagnosis has been discussed widely, and the diagnosability of many well-known networks have been explored. Faults of a multiprocessor system generally include permanent and intermittent, with intermittent faults regarded as the most challenging to diagnose. In this paper, we investigate the intermittent fault diagnosability of hyper Petersen networks. First, we derive that an \(n\)-dimensional hyper Petersen network \(HP_{n}\) with fault-free edges is \((n - 1)_{i}\)-diagnosable under the PMC model. Then, we investigate the intermittent fault diagnosability of \(HP_{n}\) with faulty edges under the PMC model. Finally, we prove that an \(n\)-dimensional hyper Petersen network \(HP_{n}\) is \((n - 2)_{i}\)-diagnosable under the MM* model.


Fault diagnosability Intermittent fault PMC model Hyper Petersen network Multiprocessor system 



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