Multilateral perspectives on vocational interests

  • James A. Athanasou
  • Raoul Van EsbroeckEmail author

An educational or vocational interest encompasses a large set of responses and activities across many different spheres of human behaviour. For instance, enrolling in an engineering course at a polytechnic, reading an engineering text, building engineering models, visiting an engineering site, playing with a mechanical set, solving mechanics problems in high school physics, saying that you always wanted to become an engineer, having a great deal of knowledge about mechatronics, obtaining high scores on the engineering scale of a vocational interest questionnaire or attending an engineering convention might be examples of interest in engineering at various levels.

Such educational and vocational interests are an important component of career development especially when people have some freedom of choice. Preferably, we want people to be free to pursue work that interests them and which suits their natural talents and aptitudes. Of course, we recognise that this is an ideal and that...

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