Revisiting the Experimental Test of Mermin’s Inequalities at IBMQ


Bell-type inequalities allow for experimental testing of local hidden variable theories. In the present work we show the violation of Mermin’s inequalities in IBM’s five-qubit quantum computers, ruling out the local realism hypothesis in quantum mechanics. Furthermore, our numerical results show significant improvement with respect to previous implementations. The circuit implementation of these inequalities is also proposed as a way of assessing the reliability of different quantum computers.

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We thank B. Zaldívar, A. Casas, E. López and G. Sierra for insightful conversations and advice. We also thank the IBM Quantum team for making multiple devices available via the IBM Quantum Experience. The access to the IBM Quantum Experience has been provided by the CSIC IBM Q Hub.


This work was done with financial support from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid through the grant “Ayudas de Investigación en Estudios de Máster”.

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  • Mermin’s inequalities
  • Quantum computation
  • Quantum circuit
  • Local realism