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Foreword to the Special Issue “Quantum Structures – Leicester 2016”

  • Emmanuel Haven
  • Sandro Sozzo

The 13th Biennial Meeting of the International Quantum Structures Association (IQSA), “Quantum Structures – Leicester 2016”, was hosted by the University of Leicester (United Kingdom) and was held at Leicester’s leading conference venue “College Court”, from July 11 to July 15, 2016. The number of active participants in the Meeting was close to 70, whilst the overall number of people attending was over one hundred. All the main focal themes, physical, mathematical, philosophical, applied and interdisciplinary, in the study of quantum structures were well represented in the Meeting, which include orthomodular lattices and their generalisations, quantum logics, operator algebras, quantum computation, quantum probability, nonlocality, contextuality, quantum cognition, as well as many more.

The programme also included two satellite events, a “Tribute to Peter Mittelstaedt” and a “Symposium on Quantum Structures Outside Physics”. The former event was dedicated to the memory of Peter Mittelstaedt, one of the founding fathers of the IQSA and its President in 1994–96, and was organized by Paul Busch and Maria Luisa Dalla Chiara. The latter event was dedicated to the emerging domain that applies quantum structures to cognitive and social sciences, and was organized by ourselves. The Meeting was enriched by the presence of outstanding scholars, including Philippe Grangier (Institut d’Optique, Paris, France) and Emmanuel Pothos (City University, London, United Kingdom), who delivered keynote lectures, and Markus Mueller (University of Western Ontario, Canada) and Paolo Perinotti (University of Pavia, Italy), who were awarded the “Birkhoff-von Neumann Prize”.

Various social events embellished the programme: a conference excursion to the jaw-dropping history, magic and myth of Warwick Castle, and a conference dinner served on a 19th century steam train at the “Great Central Railway”, on July 13, 2017.

Also scientifically, the Meeting was a great success, and provided its participants with an excellent opportunity to present and share their findings and ideas, to establish new and reinforce existing collaborations, and to promote and disseminate the research within the IQSA. Importantly, all papers submitted were subject to a rigorous review process, so as a result the special issue contains high quality contributions.

The present volume provides a clear overview of the stimulating exchanges, interesting talks, and at times heated discussions that took place in Leicester in July 2016.

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