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Delta-Type Solutions for the Non-Hermitian System of Induction Equations

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International Journal of Theoretical Physics Aims and scope Submit manuscript


We study asymptotic solutions for the non-Hermitian system of induction equations, describing magnetic field in a highly conducting fluid. We suppose that the velocity field of the fluid has a jump near 2D surface in 3D space. We prove that the solution has δ-type singularity near this surface. We construct the complete asymptotic expansion of the solution and study the dependence of the weak limit on the profile of the velocity field.

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The work was partially supported by the Russian Foundation of Basic Research (grants 13-01-0064, 14-01-00521).

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Allilueva, A.I., Shafarevich, A.I. Delta-Type Solutions for the Non-Hermitian System of Induction Equations. Int J Theor Phys 54, 3932–3944 (2015).

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