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Mass Spectrum of Spinor Fields in Extra Dimensions


The mass spectrum for spinor fields in extra dimensions is considered within the framework of the mass creation mechanism proposed in our previous works (Duc and Giao 2013; Duc and Giao J. Mod. Phys. 4(N7), 991, 2013; Duc et al. J. Phys Sci. Appl. (USA) 4(N1), 60, 2014; Duc and Giao J. Mod. Phys. 5(N6), 2014). It is shown that a single spinor field in the whole space-time with extradimensions corresponds to a set of multiplets of effective spinor fields in ordinary 4-dimensional space-time with masses obeying the sum rule expressed in terms of metric for extradimensions and parameter functions dictated from the periodicity conditions.

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Duc, D.V., Giao, N.M. & Dung, T.T. Mass Spectrum of Spinor Fields in Extra Dimensions. Int J Theor Phys 54, 1071–1076 (2015).

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  • Extradimensions
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