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Sedeonic Equations of Massive Fields

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Prior work on space-time sedeon algebra models relativistic quantum mechanical equation of motion with corresponding field equations, mediated by massive or massless spin-1 or spin-1/2 particles. In the massless spin-1 case, such exchange particles mediate fields in analogy to Maxwell’s equations in Lorentz gauge. This paper demonstrates fundamental aspects of massive field’s theory, such as gauge invariance, charge conservation, Poynting’s theorem, potential of a stationary scalar point source, plane wave solution, and interaction between point sources. We briefly discuss some aspects of sedeonic algebra and their potential physical applications.

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The authors are very thankful to G.V. Mironova for help and moral support. We would like to sincerely thank the referee for detailed analysis of our article and very valuable comments and discussion.

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Correspondence to Victor L. Mironov.

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  • Clifford algebra
  • Space-time sedeons
  • Massive fields