International Journal of Parallel Programming

, Volume 37, Issue 1, pp 91–105 | Cite as

A Computational Science IDE for HPC Systems: Design and Applications

  • David E. Hudak
  • Neil Ludban
  • Ashok Krishnamurthy
  • Vijay Gadepally
  • Siddharth Samsi
  • John Nehrbass


Software engineering studies have shown that programmer productivity is improved through the use of computational science integrated development environments (or CSIDE, pronounced “sea side”) such as MATLAB. Scientists often desire to use high-performance computing (HPC) systems to run their existing CSIDE scripts with large data sets. ParaM is a CSIDE distribution that provides parallel execution of MATLAB scripts on HPC systems at large shared computer centers. ParaM runs on a range of processor architectures (e.g., x86, x64, Itanium, PowerPC) and its MPI binding, known as bcMPI, supports a number of interconnect architectures (e.g., Myrinet and InfiniBand). On a cluster at Ohio Supercomputer Center, bcMPI with blocking communication has achieved 60% of the bandwidth of an equivalent C/MPI benchmark. In this paper, we describe goals and status for the ParaM project and the development of applications in signal and image processing that use ParaM.


High-level language High performance computing MPI PGAS MATLAB 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • David E. Hudak
    • 1
  • Neil Ludban
    • 1
  • Ashok Krishnamurthy
    • 1
  • Vijay Gadepally
    • 1
  • Siddharth Samsi
    • 1
  • John Nehrbass
    • 2
  1. 1.Ohio Supercomputer CenterColumbusUSA
  2. 2.High Performance Technologies, Inc.CentervilleUSA

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