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Determination of Density, Viscosity, and Saturated Vapor Pressure of Various Itaconic Acid Esters


Due to the growing consumption and depletion of fossil resources, researchers are forced to find alternative bio-based resources to produce fine chemicals. Itaconic acid esters represent an exciting group of substances that could be potentially used in several areas of the chemical industry, such as a replacement of widely used acrylates in the dye industry. Basic properties, such as density, viscosity, and saturated vapor pressure, are crucial for producing these compounds, same as process simulations. Several properties of various itaconates with commercial use were studied in this paper. The presented data were experimentally determined and compared to the previously published data. The data were subsequently fitted by a relevant model for each property in Aspen Plus simulation software, and the conformity between the experimental and calculated data was determined by values of average absolute deviation. The basic knowledge about these physical–chemical properties will be helpful in future process simulations and development in esters production.

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Itaconic acid


Dimethyl itaconate


Diethyl itaconate


Di-n-propyl itaconate


bis(Isopropyl) itaconate


Di-n-butyl itaconate












Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry


Gas chromatography with a thermal-conductivity detector


Mean absolute deviation


Average absolute deviation


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