A New Primary Dew-Point Generator at TUBITAK UME

  • S. Oğuz Aytekin
  • N. Karaböce
  • M. Heinonen
  • H. Sairanen
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  1. TEMPMEKO 2016: Selected Papers of the 12th International Symposium on Temperature, Humidity, Moisture and Thermal Measurements in Industry and Science


An implementation of a new low-range primary humidity generator as a part of an international collaboration between TUBITAK UME and VTT MIKES was initiated as a EURAMET Project Number 1259. The dew-point generator was designed and constructed within the scope of the cooperation between TUBITAK UME and VTT MIKES in order to extend the dew-point temperature measurement capability of Humidity Laboratory of TUBITAK UME down to − 80 °C. The system was thoroughly characterized and validated at TUBITAK UME to support the evidence for dew-point temperature uncertainties. The new generator has a capability of operating in the range of − 80 °C to +10 °C, but at the moment, it was characterized down to − 60 °C. The core of the generator system is a saturator which is fully immersed in a liquid bath. Dry air is supplied to the saturator through a temperature-controlled pre-saturator. The operation of the system is based on the single-pressure generation method with a single pass, i.e., the dew-point temperature is only controlled by the saturator temperature, and the humidity-controlled air is not returned to the system after leaving of the saturator. The metrological performance of the saturator was investigated thoroughly at both National Metrology Institutes. The pre-saturator was also tested using a thermostatic bath at VTT MIKES prior to sending them to TUBITAK UME. This paper describes the principle and design of the generator in detail. The dew-point measurement system and the corresponding uncertainty analysis of the dew-point temperature scale realized with the generator in the range from − 60 °C to 10 °C is also presented.


Dew-point generator Humidity standard Saturator 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.TUBITAK Gebze YerleskesiTUBITAK UMEGebzeTurkey
  2. 2.Centre for Metrology MIKESVTT Technical Research Centre of FinlandEspooFinland

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