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A Calibration Facility for Dew Point in Air up to 1 MPa


The provision of primary dew-point standards for humidified air and nitrogen at atmospheric pressure is well established, and measurement traceability to these standards provides confidence in a vast number of air humidity measurements. However, hygrometers are used industrially at a wide range of pressures. Both the performance of hygrometers and the properties of humid gases are known to vary with gas pressure. The pressure-dependence of gas non-ideality for air–water mixtures (water-vapor enhancement factor) is well enough known at moderate pressures, but there remains a need to characterize hygrometers at the pressure of use. To address this, a humidity calibration capability of wider scope is under development at the UK National Physical Laboratory (NPL). As an initial stage in the development of this capability, a humidity standard generating air or nitrogen in the dew-point range from \(-60\,^{\circ }\hbox {C}\) to \(+10\,^{\circ }\hbox {C}\), at pressures up to 1 MPa (10 bar) has been validated for the calibration of hygrometers. The expanded uncertainty of the dew-point generator in this range with a coverage factor \(k= 2\) is \(\pm 0.07\,^{\circ }\hbox {C}\).

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This work was supported by the UK National Measurement System Programme for Engineering and Flow Metrology. The authors gratefully acknowledge the help of Thunder Scientific Corporation for modifications to the humidity generator.

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