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Temperature Coefficients of the Refractive Index for Complex Hydrocarbon Mixtures


Temperature coefficients of the refractive index (\(\mathrm{d}n/\mathrm{d}T\)) in the \(25\,^{\circ }\mathrm{C}\) to \(35\,^{\circ }\mathrm{C}\) temperature interval for hydrocarbon mixtures containing as many as 14 compounds were investigated in this work. The measured \(-\mathrm{d}n/\mathrm{d}T\) of the mixtures were compared with calculations based on the values for each compound and their concentrations. Differences of about 1 % between measured and calculated values were observed for all mixtures. The additivity of \(-\mathrm{d}n/\mathrm{d}T\) for these hydrocarbons enables preparation of surrogate fuels that are formulated to have properties like those of specific diesel fuels.

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Support from the Government of Canada’s Program of Energy Research and Development (PERD) Program 1.1.3: Petroleum Conversion for Cleaner Air is gratefully acknowledged.

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Correspondence to Jun Shen.

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Rafal Gieleciak: On leave from Institute of Chemistry, The University of Silesia, 9 Szkolna Street, 40-006 Katowice, Poland.

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  • Additivity
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