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Whom Do Primate Names Honor? Rethinking Primate Eponyms

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We thank the organizers of the IUCN Primate Specialist Group Section for Human Primate Interactions’ 2020 webinar on Decolonizing Primatology for inspiring this work. We also thank the participants in the 2020 Northeastern Evolutionary Primatology conference for feedback on a poster where we presented these data. We are grateful to two anonymous reviewers and the editor for providing constructive feedback and suggestions that improved this commentary.

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Authors are listed in alphabetical order. All conceived of the study, analyzed the data, and wrote the manuscript together.

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Correspondence to Chloe Chen-Kraus.

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Handling Editor: Joanna M. Setchell.

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Chen-Kraus, C., Farmer, C., Guevara, E.E. et al. Whom Do Primate Names Honor? Rethinking Primate Eponyms. Int J Primatol 42, 980–986 (2021).

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