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Table 1 An example of the MultiCO scenario intervention

From: Effect of Embedded Careers Education in Science Lessons on Students’ Interest, Awareness, and Aspirations

Lesson Lesson content
Lesson 1
(90 min)
Career-related scenario:
Video presenting a patient visiting a dentist. The patient asks about a new product: carbon toothpaste. In the video, the dentist sets the concern of the value of the toothpaste and gives the task to students:
• Would you suggest the toothpaste including activated carbon to the patient who wants to get whiter teeth and compare it with other kinds of toothpaste?
• The students worked in groups of 3–4 persons and tested how activated carbon can be used to absorb colors of tea, water with colorants, and solution of copper sulfate
Lesson 2
(45 min)
• The students tested the abrasiveness of four kinds of toothpaste by scrubbing the toothpaste on metal sheets and silver spoons and observing the different scratches and marks the toothpaste left on the oxidized metal objects. Some toothpaste manufacturers report the RDA value of abrasiveness, but it is not mandatory. Students were guided to think about why some of the manufacturers did not report the value
Lesson 3
(90 min)
• The students examined the toothpaste package for fluorine and other ingredients such as saccharin concentration and if the toothpaste was recommended by the dentist association or clinically proven
• The students tested the carbon toothpaste to examine the taste, texture, and abrasiveness
Career activity
A career presentation video was shown to the students introducing the career development of the dentist presented in the first lesson, from school science studies to dentists, doctor, and finally to her current work in specializing in plastic surgery. She was asked, e.g., about her own experiences of science studies and what motivates her in her work
Lesson 4
(90 min)
Bridged inquiries, task, and career activity
The students filled a laboratory form of their inquiries and created a consolidation video telling their suggestions for the dentist. The video was sent by email to the dentist. Finally, a video message from the dentist was presented thanking the students for their results and providing them accurate information about teeth whitening with hydrogen peroxide in dental care