Strategies of Number Sense in Pre-service Secondary Mathematics Teachers



This paper presents some results of an investigation on the number sense of a group of pre-service secondary teachers from Spain. The objective of this research was to analyze students’ use of strategies associated to number sense and compare them with those obtained in a previous study with pre-service primary teachers in Taiwan, (Yang, Reys & Reys, International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education, 7, 383–403, 2009). Pre-service secondary teachers showed lower success than pre-service primary teachers in a number sense test. Nevertheless, these last based their reasoning mainly on rules and algorithms, while pre-service secondary teachers used more strategies of number sense. In an attempt to delve into the low success shown by of Spanish pre-service secondary teachers, some students were interviewed. Those interviews showed that a deeper work on number sense in the training of these students is needed.


Number sense Pre-service secondary teachers Pre-service primary teachers Strategies Degree in mathematics 

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  • Rut Almeida
    • 1
  • Alicia Bruno
    • 1
  • Josefa Perdomo-Díaz
    • 2
  1. 1.University of La LagunaLa Laguna (Tenerife)Spain
  2. 2.Centro de Modelamiento Matemático y Centro de Investigación Avanzada en Educación, University of ChileSantiago de ChileChile

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