Investigation of the Frequency Double-Multiplication Effect in a Sub-THz Gyrotron


The effect of frequency multiplication was investigated for a fundamental-harmonic 0.263-THz kW-level gyrotron, in which a certain fraction of its radiation was observed experimentally at the doubled operating frequency. Accurate measurements of the power of such high-frequency generation were carried out based on cyclotron absorption of radiation in a HgTe/CdHgTe quantum-well heterostructure. The maximum power ratio of the second harmonic to the fundamental one is about 10−4 (an absolute power of 10–15 mW at a frequency of 0.526 THz), which agrees well with the results of simulations within the framework of the self-consistent averaged approach performed to describe the multimode generation in gyrotrons.

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Data Availability

Data are available in the article, and more data are available on request from the authors.


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The theoretical investigation of gyrotron operation regimes with nonlinear frequency multiplication presented above was supported by Russian Science Foundation Project No. 19-12-00141, and experimental measurement of microwave power and frequency on high harmonics was supported by Russian Science Foundation Project No. 18-79-10112.

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  • Gyrotron
  • THz radiation
  • Cyclotron harmonics
  • Frequency multiplication
  • Detection
  • Cyclotron absorption
  • Quantum heterostructure