Review of Terahertz Tomography Techniques

  • J. P. Guillet
  • B. Recur
  • L. Frederique
  • B. Bousquet
  • L. Canioni
  • I Manek-Hönninger
  • P. Desbarats
  • P. Mounaix
Invited Review Article


Terahertz and millimeter waves penetrate various dielectric materials, including plastics, ceramics, crystals, and concrete, allowing terahertz transmission and reflection images to be considered as a new imaging tool complementary to X-Ray or Infrared. Terahertz imaging is a well-established technique in various laboratory and industrial applications. However, these images are often two-dimensional. Three-dimensional, transmission-mode imaging is limited to thin samples, due to the absorption of the sample accumulated in the propagation direction. A tomographic imaging procedure can be used to acquire and to render three-dimensional images in the terahertz frequency range, as in the optical, infrared or X-ray regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. In this paper, after a brief introduction to two dimensional millimeter waves and terahertz imaging we establish the principles of tomography for Terahertz Computed tomography (CT), tomosynthesis (TS), synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and time-of-flight (TOF) terahertz tomography. For each technique, we present advantages, drawbacks and limitations for imaging the internal structure of an object.


Tomography Terahertz imaging 3D reconstruction Time of flight Holography Diffractive imaging Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) THz Computed tomography Iterative method BFP Volume inspection Non destructive testing Sinogram Millimeter waves Far infrared Spectro imaging Reflection and transmission images 



We would like to express sincere thankfulness to each of the persons who have permitted us to display some results of their work for the review paper. We would also acknowledge financial support from the European community thanks to the contract DOTNAC (Development and Optimization of THz NDT of Aeronautics Composite multilayered structures) - Contract N 266320 / FP7-AAT-2010-RTD-1 - and the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR) for their support in the InPoSec project (


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