Correction to: Radiocarbon Dating the Fur Trade: Bayesian Analyses of Fur-Trade Era Radiocarbon Dates from the Lower Columbia River

  • Kenneth M. AmesEmail author
  • Thomas J. Brown

Correction to: Int J Histor Archaeol (2018)

The original article has been corrected. Figs. 2 and 11 are incorrect. The correct figures are also shown in this article.
Fig. 2

Map of the Meier site showing outline of house and distribution of 1987–1991 WVAP excavation units. Arrow points to profile shown in Fig. 7, circled unit shown in Fig. 8. Base map by Emily Shepard

Fig. 11

a) Model schematic showing model used to estimate probability that the back house row at Cathlapotle was occupied prior to the front row, and the likelihood that one of the rows was abandoned prior to the other. b) Model schematic showing structure of model used to estimate probability that the Northern portion of the site was occupied prior to the Southern, and the likelihood that one of these areas was abandoned prior to the other. Because of space, individual 14C dates were omitted from figure. Because of sampling issues, we did not use we do not use the absolute timing estimates for either model. Instead relying on the ‘Order’ command results for the relative timing of events shown in Table 4. The model construction is identical in both cases because we were asking the same question in both cases (what was the likelihood that event ‘X’ preceded event ‘Y’), but with different arrangements of the data. Data included in each of the models is clearly marked in the database as belonging to the Front or Back rows or as part of the Northern of Southern portion of the site. While the models look the same, they produced different probabilities (Table 4)

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