57Fe conversion electron Mössbauer study on tin oxide films doped with dilute two metal ions

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Tin dioxide (SnO2) films codoped with 1% mole ratio of (Co, Fe) ions, (Cu, Fe) ions, and (Ti, Fe) ions were prepared on SnO2 (1% Sb) thin film on glass by a spray pyrolysis. Fe species included in these films were characterized by 57Fe conversion electron Mössbauer (CEM) spectra measured at room temperature (RT) and low temperatures (50 K and 16 K). Three paramagnetic Fe3+ species were observed in RT CEM spectra of two metal ions codoped SnO2 films. The broad magnetic sextet was observed in 16 K CEM spectra of (Co, Fe) codoped SnO2 and (Cu, Fe) codoped SnO2 films, but not even at low temperature for (Ti, Fe) codoped SnO2 film. The relationship between isomer shift and quadrupole splitting were shown and compared with the results of ab initio calculations based on the configuration models of metal ions and oxygen defects.

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Proceedings of the International Conference on Hyperfine Interactions and their Applications (HYPERFINE 2019), Goa, India, 10-15 February 2019

Edited by S. N. Mishra, P. L. Paulose and R. Palit

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  • 57Fe conversion electron Mössbauer spectrometry
  • Spray pyrolysis
  • Metal doped tin dioxide thin film
  • Diluted magnetism