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Development of Mössbauer diffractometer by using nuclear resonant scattering at SPring-8 BL11XU


A Mössbauer diffractometer has been developed by using 57Fe nuclear resonant scattering apparatus at SPring-8 BL11XU in order to obtain a crystal-site-selective Mössbauer spectrum. A 𝜃-2𝜃 goniometer was newly installed between the nuclear monochromator and a detector. From a single crystal Fe3 O 4 mounted on the goniometer, the 111, 222, and 220 reflected γ-rays were used to collect the diffraction spectra at room temperature. The intensity ratio of the two subspectra, corresponding to A- and B-site Fe ions, changes notably according to the reflection index. The diffraction spectrum is composed of a major absorption spectrum and a minor emission spectrum. The former is given by the γ-ray due to the electron scattering and nuclear absorption, whereas the latter is given by the γ-ray due to the nuclear resonant scattering. Interference effects between these two γ-rays are also seen as line broadenings, asymmetric line shapes, and slope of the base lines. These features can be successfully expressed by a Fano function. We consider that the emission spectrum due to the nuclear resonant scattering represents crystal-site-selective Mössbauer spectrum.

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This article is part of the Topical Collection on Proceedings of the International Conference on Hyperfine Interactions and their Applications (HYPERFINE 2016), Leuven, Belgium, 3–8 July 2016

Edited by Kristiaan Temst, Stefaan Cottenier, Lino M. C. Pereira and André Vantomme

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