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The GRIFFIN spectrometer


Gamma-Ray Infrastructure For Fundamental Investigations of Nuclei (GRIFFIN) is an advanced new high-efficiency γ-ray spectrometer being developed for use in decay spectroscopy experiments with low-energy radioactive ion beams provided by TRIUMF’s Isotope Separator and Accelerator (ISAC-I) radioactive ion beam facility. GRIFFIN will be comprised of sixteen large-volume clover-type high-purity germanium (HPGe) γ-ray detectors coupled to custom digital signal processing electronics and used in conjunction with a suite of auxiliary detection systems. This article provides an overview of the GRIFFIN spectrometer and its expected performance characteristics.

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ISAC and ARIEL: The TRIUMF Radioactive Beam Facilities and the Scientific Program.

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  • Gamma-Ray spectrometer
  • HPGe clover detectors
  • Radioactive ion beams
  • Digital electronics