Structural evolution of glutathionate-protected gold clusters studied by means of 197Au Mössbauer spectroscopy


197Au Mössbauer spectra of a series of glutathionate-protected gold clusters, Au n (SG) m , with n = 10 − ~55, were re-analyzed to understand the structure evolution behavior. The numbers of gold atoms coordinated by different numbers (0, 1, and 2) of the GS ligands were successfully determined by assuming individual isomer shifts and quadrupole splittings for the three sites in Au25(SG)18 (Tsukuda et al., Chem Lett 40:1292, 2011). The analysis revealed the drastic structural evolution of Au n (SG) m in the range of n = 10 − ~55. In Au10(SG)10, all the gold atoms are bonded to GS ligands, indicating –Au–S(G)– cyclic structures. A catenane structure was proposed for Au10(SG)10. At n = 25, a single Au atom without the GS ligation appeared, consistent with the formation of an icosahedral Au13 core protected by six staples, –S(G)–[Au–S(G)–]2. At n = 39, it is considered that Au39(SG)24 has a similar structure to that of Au38(SC2H4Ph)24 with face-fused bi-icosahedral Au23 core.

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