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Table 4 Rule sets used in the fuzzification process of the fuzzy expert system

From: Increasing jellyfish populations: trends in Large Marine Ecosystems

Confidence Index Degree of Belief (per chronicle)
Low 0.0156
Medium-low 0.0313
Medium 0.0625
Medium-high 0.125
High 0.25
Very high 0.5
Belief Index Belief Profile
0 None
0.01–0.09 Low
0.1–0.19 Medium-low
0.2–0.34 Medium
0.35–0.49 Medium-high
0.50–0.59 High
0.60–1 Very high
  1. Rule sets here include the Degree of Belief membership according to the Confidence Index for each chronicle and the Belief Profile selection according to the Belief Index. See text and Fig. 1 for additional information