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Table 3 Example of information constituting chronicles used in the analysis

From: Increasing jellyfish populations: trends in Large Marine Ecosystems

Confidence Index Abundance Trend Time score Space score Reliability score Country Location Dates Species Main source Additional sources
Medium-low −1 Low Low High United Kingdom Thames Estuary Since 1985 (data 1977–1992) Aurelia sp. (Pleurobrachia pileus is variable) Attrill & Thomas (1996)  
Medium-high 0 Low High Very high Numerous Widescale sampling in half of LME 1971–1986 Numerous Hay et al. (1990) Lynam et al. (2004, 2005)
Medium-low 0 Very high Low Lowa Germany Helgoland, German Bight 1975–1993; 1975–2002 Numerous Greve et al. (1996, 2004) Greve (1994) and Schlüter et al. (2010)
Very high +1 Very high Very high High Numerous Entire LME Since 1980s Likely Aglantha digitale Attrill et al. (2007) and Licandro et al. (2010) Attrill & Edwards (2008) and Haddock (2008)
Medium-high +1 Very high Low Very high Netherlands Texel Island Recent decades Numerous van Walraven et al. (2010)  
Medium-high +1 Very high Low High Norway Lurefjorden Since 1970s Periphylla periphylla Fosså (1992) Youngbluth & Båmstedt (2001) and Sørnes et al. (2007)
Medium-high +1 Very high Low High Denmark Limfjorden Since 1980s Aurelia spp. (& others) Riisgård et al. (2012) Hoffmann (2005) and Møller & Riisgård (2007a, b)
Medium-high +1 Medium High Medium Numerous Numerous Since at least 2005 Mnemiopsis leidyi (invasive) Oliveira (2007) and Tendal et al. (2007) Faasse & Bayha (2006), Hansson (2006), Boersma et al. (2007), Hosia (2007), and Riisgård et al. (2007)
  1. Details are presented here for chronicles used for the North Sea LME only
  2. aSee (Brotz, 2011) for discussion